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Welcome to the IEEE Industrial Electronic Society (IES) events web site.

More than half of our members in the IES are outside the USA. Our Society is the most worlwide society in the IEEE. Therefore, our technical events are held all over the world. The IES has open minds for technical events proposals. If you want to organize a technical event, please contact us. We will be pleased to guide you throughout the whole process and provide you with the necessary information. According to the guidelines, you can organize an IES sponsored technical event easily. I would like to encourage you to try to establish a technical event. We will support your activities.

If you are considering to organize an IES sponsored event, please consider when preparing your proposal the following guidelines on several aspects, namely on Committee Composition, Financial aspects, and Tools for paper submission and reviewing.

If you are considering to apply for IES technically sponsorship or co-sponsorship to an event, please consider the following guidelines and checklist document. 

After approval, consider to use the new IES logo (orange or B&W) available at on all conference materials.

Changes Coming for IEEE Technically Co-Sponsored Conferences

During the February 2014 IEEE Board of Directors Meeting Series a motion was adopted to change the way IEEE Meetings, Conferences and Events (MCE) expenses associated with conference Technical Co-Sponsorship (TCS) are allocated. 

Effective for TCS conferences held after Dec 31, 2015:

For any technically co-sponsored conference in which there is no (0%) IEEE financial interest, IEEE Organizational Units (OUs) who technically co-sponsor the conference will be charged a fee. 

  • This fee will be $1000 plus $15 per paper sent to Xplore® 
  • If multiple IEEE OUs technically co-sponsor the same conference, the fee will be divided equally between the OUs 
  • The fees collected will be used to reduce the MCE costs

This charge replaces the $50 fee currently charged to IEEE OUs and it replaces the $500 charge currently assessed when a technically co-sponsored conference does not elect to provide content from the conference to Xplore®. 

If the sponsoring IEEE OU(s) desires, it may ask MCE to bill the Conference a fee (determined by the OU) for this technical co-sponsorship. If the sponsoring OU elects to charge a fee to the conference, MCE will handle all billing and collection. All revenue collected by MCE from external conferences will be given to the Sponsoring IEEE OU. 

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Yousef Ibrahim
Monash University
Northways Rd
Vic. 3842
+61-3-51226482 (phone)
+61-3-51226738 (fax)
Dr. Mariusz Malinowski

Prof. Mariusz Malinowski
Warsaw University of Technology
ul. Koszykowa 75
00-662 Warsaw

+48-22-234-5124 (office)
+48-22-625-6633 (fax)
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