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Initial/Draft Manuscript Submission

  On-line Document Submission Form

Guidelines for submitting a manuscript
Please fill in the following form and include your manuscript at the end by clicking the FILE button at the bottom of the form. Please submit your manuscript in PDF format according to the instruction listed below if possible.

  • The PDF files must have all the characteristics required by IEEEXplore. From a practical perspective this means that at a minimum the files must be created using a PDF distiller, all fonts are embedded, must not have any form of security, and must not contain bookmarks, links, or multiple files in a single PDF file.
  • Print to a PDF Printer or PDF Distiller. Do not use any conversion wizzards built into your word processor or "save as PDF" as they might add PDF bookmarks and Web links. Bookmarks and Web links are currently not allowed by IEEE library.
  • Once the PDF file is created they must not be edited and saved using any PDF editing tool.

Your Contact Information
Notification about acceptance of the manuscript will be sent to this address. In case of any technical problems with the submission this contact will also be used. The contact person does not have to be one of authors. Author information is collected in the further portion of this submission form. In case you provide authors' email, they will receive a copy of any automated email notification sent to you.

  Title: First M. Name: Last Name: Affiliation: Affiliation Country: e-mail: Please retype e-mail:
Contact: *
Postal Address:
Telephone:  *   Example: +1-309-677 2776 ext. 0

Manuscript Information
This information will go to the conference program and the Table of Contents of the printed proceedings exactly the way you type it here. Do not capitalize whole names. Please do double- check your spelling. For affiliation: do not use your title, use your company or university name and choose the country from the list.

Manuscript Title:  *
  Title: First M. Name: Last Name: Affiliation: Affiliation Country: e-mail: IEEE member IES member Student
1st Author: *
2nd Author:
3rd Author:
4th Author:
5th Author:
6th Author:
7th Author:
8th Author:
9th Author:
10th Author:

Submission Information Flow
Warning! Submiting your manuscript to a wrong track might result in delays in its review process, or in extreeme case shallow reviews performed not by experts in the area. We do our best to detect this kind of mistake early and move the manuscript in questuion to the correct track. Selection of one or more appropriate keywords helps in the manuscript and reviewer matching during the review process.

Technical Track:  *
Main keywords:   *

Full Manuscript Document:  *
CAUTION : 4000KB maximum! (This limit is set per conference.)
Plagiarism advisory By clicking submit button at the bottom of this form you confirm that you have read IEEE plagiarism advisory posted at .
Remember your password Make sure that you print the submission confirmation screen or at least write down the submission number and the password. In case your spam filter is very aggressive you might not be able to recover your password by email at later time.
Mistakes In case of mistakes made in this form do not submit this form again. Instead, update your manuscript using manuscript number and password provided on the confirmation page. If the update fails then contact the System administrator. Clicking the submit button twice when performing the initial submission will result in two paper submitted to the conference, and eventually rejection of the duplicate submission.
E-mail confirmation In case you did not receive confirmation by email proceed with update and check your email address. If it turns out to be correct then check your spam filter in your email program, or at your Internet provider. All confirmations and conference announcements generated by this system come from You still can use this system without email feedback. However, you would miss conference announcements.
  To Avoid Multiple Submissions Click Only Once and Wait. You must wait until the confirmation number appears on the screen or your submission will be cancelled. If you are going to submit more than one manuscript please do close the confirmation window before doing any other activity.
      * denotes required field

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